Our Company

EVERCHEM CORPORATION (M) SDN BHD was founded in Malaysia and established on 23rd July 2000. It has been growing rapidly and plays a leading role in supplying fertilizers, chemical products and machinery (CNG Compressor) to various companies in the whole world.

Chief Executive Officer, James H. Kim

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“What is the right food for your plants? “

This will be the common question for any plantation developers, anywhere in the world. Like any other living things, plants have an equal need for food. Food provides nutrients to encourage healthy foliage growth and strong roots that results with healthy plants…

CEO’s Message

Our Commitments

At Everchem Corporation, we carefully analyze actual market situation based on real time opportunities and setbacks. We strive to achieve desired results for our stakeholders by studying the graph and trends of current market activity in this industry.

We are a fast-growing company and our milestones are a proven result of our achievement ever since we started our operation back in the year 2000. We focus on our clients and we strive to gain our clients’ trust by delivering the best products and services to meet our clients’ expectation. We offer rapid and simultaneous promotion to all our stakeholders and we believe to grow together with each and every suppliers or buyers.

Everchem Corporation is a leading company in providing strategic approach with reference from industry specialist all around the world. Our method is based on constructing test activity to the type of plant and soil, analyzing the result based on timeline schedule whilst proposing the most cost-effective and cost-efficient proposal in meeting our clients’ resources.

We are fully capable of bringing you a tailor-made product in catering to your needs.

We appreciate a long-term partnership with all our suppliers and buyers and believe in growing together in this industry.