FAQ of Borax
1. How Can I get Material Safety Data Sheets for your products?
2. Do you have reliable test report by internationally certified organization?
SGS-Report 1
SGS-Report 2
SGS-Report 3
SGS-Report 4
3. What is your test method? Our test result is not same as yours.
Test Method
4. When your product being applied, is there any special precaution?
– Nothing special, just same as general fertilizer application.

– Only thing, don’t apply lot of quantity to same area by one time, just spread it.

– You may see clause No. 3 of MSDS for toxification of product.

5. Whom do I contact if we would like to know more detail information such as shipment and others?
– For non-emergencies contact customer service at +60 6201 7435 or at james@everchem.com.my